Easy and secure mounting of modified decking boards

The terrace mounting system TENI guarantees very easy, fast and secure mounting of modified decking boards with lateral cove

The fastening system features two fixed- and sliding-point slots, which function independently of each other. The flexible sliding point is brought into position automatically, thanks to the angled screwing joint into the substructure. The prestressing force generated through this equalises any shrinking or swelling of the floorboard in a controlled manner. Every floorboard works separately – meaning there is no chain reaction in the surface. The rigid fixed point ensures optimal positioning of the floorboard and allows for safe installation without additional tools such as gripping tools floorboard clamps.


The construction height of 8 mm ensures optimal ventilation and prevents the formation of stagnant moisture between floorboard and substructure. TENI Terrace connectors can be fitted on a wooden or wood-like SAP construction and on the aluminium-system rail RELO T.

Mounting method

Fixpunkt – Gleitpunkt



Spacing between joints

6,0 mm

Decking board

Profilierung mit seitlicher Hohlkehle

Wood type

Nur für Terrassendielen mit hoher Formstabilität


POM Kunststoff Schwarz


Einfaches Ein/Ausklicken der Diele möglich

Special features

Modifikation zum Start-, Endverbinder