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SIGNATURE exquisite wood floors by Christian Weiss

We live and love our profession. Our natural wood products are unique and create invaluable settings to live and enjoy life in. Each tree recounts its own very individual story. Each branch reflects the desire for healthy growth full of strength and energy. We produce our natural wood flooring with care and sensitivity in order to preserve each tree's individual character. With state-of-the-art technology we manufacture wonderful wood flooring for any room.

Exquisite wood flooring

Living and claim goes hand in hand with the responsibility to preserve nature for future generations gently. Living rooms are an expression of individual attitude towards life and their own claim.

SIGNATUR exquisite wood flooring

Nature gives every piece of wood it's fingerprint. Signatur Boards are available with 9 meters length and 56 cm width.

A special way of living
SIGNATUR sophisticated wood floors will create the special atmosphere you require in your home. The exquisite wood, careful production and special processing all add to the unique and magical character of the flooring.

Living examples

Impressive dimensions
The solid natural wood panels are up to 9 metres long and up to 45 cm wide. The dimensions are tailor-made to suit your requirements and selected by hand. These are individual pieces direct from nature – wood, walnut, cherry, ebony, wenge, acacia, ash, spruce, chestnut and larch are all available to choose form. New woods are constantly being added to the SIGNATUR wood collection.


From the original choice of trunk to the expert checking of the wooden panels, all stages of the production process are subject to strict quality control criteria. Only when all of the criteria have been met is the flooring hand signed with the SIGNATUR insignia.

Natural wood flooring

Terrace boards

Terrace boards
Terrace boards

Be it your terrace, your pool area, your garden or your balcony: with the terrace boards by the Weiss GmbH your outdoor area will be represented in an impressive way. more

Living examples

Living examples
Living examples

Natural wood products from our company are unique and create valuable living and housing situations. more

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  • Natural wood flooring Swiss Pine

    Natural wood flooring Swiss Pine

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